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14 The Penalty for Success
It was more like kick-the-can than soccer, and the score was a bit mystifying, but L.A. did win the NASL title

18 Who Says Pruitt Can't Do It?
The little Cleveland running back was his team's best weapon as the Browns lost to the potent Redskins

20 Wheeling Up on the World
The U.S. pedaled away from Montreal with just one medal, but a whole lot of new international respect

22 A Man Who'd Never Bite a Dog
It is not in Joe Rudi, Oakland's superb leftfielder, to make flamboyant news, but he is indispensable to the A's

First the Site, Then the Fight

26 All is ready at ringside—if it doesn't rain

30 Don King became the bout's lone arranger

52 Make It or Break It
Millions are at stake and one life is on the line as Evel Knievel gets set for his canyon shot

The departments

11 Scorecard
39 TV/Radio
40 Baseball
42 Motor Sports
49 Horse Racing
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

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College Football opens another season, featuring Ohio State Back Archie Griffin and a cast of the best runners in years, many of whom are pictured in action. Buckeye Coach Woody Hayes and his magnificent recruiting machine undergo a close inspection, as do the nation's Top 20 teams. Scouting reports on the ranked elevens and analyses of the major conferences, the leading independents and small colleges round out the special football section. There will also be stories on the world amateur boxing championships, the East Germany-U.S. swim meet, the Hambletonian, golf, baseball and the America's Cup.