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20 Stemming the Red Tide
Ready for the record-smashing East Germans, the U.S. swimmers sank a veteran and seized a team victory

24 A Half of Loafing Is Now Undone
The Pirates were pantywaists until the middle of the season when a fight set them aflight toward the top

26 Billy Fit the Hambo to a 'T'
Christopher T. survived a deluge, and Billy Haughton won the big race for the first time

28 Then It Was Two for the Seesaw
After Australia's Southern Cross beat France, the U.S. boats really got down to brash tacks

College Football '74

32 Few things in sport arouse as much intrigue, controversy and discontent as the annual battle for No. 1

34 Ohio State should be the top team in the country and Woody Hayes' recruiting machine is the reason why

52 Scouting reports on the rest of the Top 20, the major conferences, independents and leading small colleges

106 A Plague of Starlings
The plan was to bring every bird named by Shakespeare to America—and mischief spread its noisy wings

The departments

11 Scorecard
87 People
88 Baseball
93 Tennis
98 Boxing
121 For the Record
122 19th Hole

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PRO FOOTBALL '74. What with the players' strike, the upstart league, basic rules changes and the promise of new dynasties rising to replace the old, this will be a season of turbulence and change. Tex Maule appraises the action ahead, while Stephen Green-Armytage's striking color photographs recall the carnival atmosphere of Super Bowl VIII. The football section concludes with NFL scouting reports and Dan Jenkins' sardonic look at all 26 coaches. The regular features and news stories include reports on Forest Hills tennis and Evel Knievel's canyonshot.