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20 Tilting to the West
As the baseball playoffs neared, Coast teams were likely favorites to compete in an all-California World Series

24 Two Anthonys Stage a Run-In
For connoisseurs of the hipper-dipper, Mr. Davis of USC outdistanced Mr. Dorsett of Pittsburgh, 149 yards to 59

28 Cool Hand Luke Meets Luigi
Movie star Paul Newman and a cast of thousands—well, dozens—ride out to capture the speed records

36 My Impact Will Be Everlasting
Wilt Chamberlain, unworried about his place in the history books, announces he is quitting basketball

48 Heaven Down Under
They planted trout back in the mid-1800s and in the years since, New Zealand has become a celestial fish farm

98 The World Was in a Mess
The World Football League was, at any rate, with the shaky economy casting a shadow over its future

106 Of Noble Rites
In a Mexican border town a matador of passable skill seeks a livelihood at a deadly game

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15 Scorecard
79 College Football
91 Box Lacrosse
94 Golf
98 Pro Football
104 Swimming
118 Baseball
121 For the Record
122 19th Hole

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Architect Nicklaus discusses his aims and methods in constructing a golf course and Dan Jenkins critiques the latest result of Jack's theories, Muirfield Village in Columbus.

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