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24 Ken Dryden on Trial
In the severest tests of his comeback, hockey's famed goalie proves he can still light up the ice

28 A Yawner in Bloomington
Minnesota's march to the playoffs was interrupted by Green Bay, but the Vikings weren't worried

30 A Country Boy Has Them Jumping
His horse Do Right did, and so did a skinny rookie from "Ollabonna" at New York's National Horse Show

38 Wright Was All Wrong, Right?
Steve Wright, the irrepressible pro lineman, describes his troubled two years with the mixed-up New York Giants

58 Lone Watch in a Gold-Fobbed Forest
For one brief hunt the clock was turned back to a time of coherence before Day-Glo hordes plundered the deer

68 This Way to an Austrian Hideaway
Just around the nearest Alpine corner lies skiing fun and fashion that can be absolutely, well, intoxicating

118 The Unlost Art: Topographic Maps
Superlative in their ability to guide, U.S. topos are also stimulating, even witty, company on the trail

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