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22 Still Alive and Kicking
Ohio State rallied on four field goals to nip Michigan 12-10 and the next day was again voted into the Rose Bowl

26 Paddling Out of the Country Club
Platform tennis has come down from its amateur perch in an attempt to attract the masses, and money

28 What the Raiders Have Is Genius
There's Big Boss Al Davis and Head Coach John Madden, so all the players have to be is good

College Basketball

34 Bringing Back the Good Old Days
36 A Frame of Mind and Eye
41 The Wacky WAC
46 Scouting Reports

87 The Sabres Slice 'em Up
On the surprising, NHL-leading Buffalo team, the no-names are as important as the glamour group

90 The World's Best
Bill Schaadt wields a fly rod for salmon and steelhead on the rivers of the West like no man alive

The departments

15 Scorecard
74 College Football
84 Pro Football
87 Hockey
107 For the Record
108 19th Hole

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Next week

A bear hunt takes place in Birmingham as Bryant and unbeaten Alabama try to cap the regular season by defeating rugged Auburn. Ray Kennedy covers the traditional fracas.

The big man comes back, not a game too soon for the Milwaukee Bucks. Sure, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been out, says Pat Putnam, but the team has some other problems, too.

Waltzing Matilda was the most famous creation of Australia's Banjo Paterson, who was renowned as that country's favorite poet and was a fine rider and horseracing journalist.