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20 World Bowl in Crisis
The battered World Football League ended its season in a swirl of excitement, but grave problems remain

24 A Bonus for Working Overtime
It took four extra periods, but Howard finally edged hometown St. Louis to win the NCAA soccer championship

26 The Golden State of Rick Barry
Scorned for years as a gunner and Bay Area traitor, he now commands the respect of teammates and fans

34 His Investment Is Going Up
Malcolm Forbes has a lot more than a million riding on his transatlantic balloon flight—his life, for instance

44 Trouping the Colors for Gussie Nell
The dance-drill team is an art form invented by Miss Davis in Kilgore, Texas, where it is alive and high-kicking

68 Wilderness Will Find You
Lulled to inattention by reports of its disappearance, you may walk unaware into an ambush

78 How About a Game?
AMF invites you out to play—with an AMF bat, ball and mitt, of course. A look at the giant of sports equipment

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13 Scorecard
54 TV/Radio
56 College Basketball
62 Pro Football
65 Pool
73 Nature
91 For the Record
92 19th Hole

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Next week

The sportsman of the Year is unveiled—and extolled by George Plimpton—in an issue that also celebrates our 20th anniversary and the last 20 years in sport, an era of unprecedented change and expansion. Ron Fimrite reviews the passing parade; a gallery of memorable photographs depicts the great moments, the dominant figures, the turning points; and Bill Johnson previews the shape of things to come between now and the year 2000. Highlights of our regular coverage include Dan Jenkins' review of the NFL season; John Underwood's analysis of the college bowl games; and Mark Mulvoy's portrait of the feisty Philadelphia Flyers.