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24 After the Bowl Was Over
From out of the West come the thundering hoofbeats of the great Trojan horse—USC is No. 1, and no hi yo! for Oklahoma. It alt came about because of a derring-do victory over Ohio State in the Rose Bowl plus an assist from Notre Dame, which nipped Alabama in the Orange
by John Underwood and Joe Jares

18 Roll Out the Barrel
John Newcombe barred beer before taking on Jimmy Connors, then quaffed victory
by Sam Moses

22 Mile-High Golden Nuggets
Applying a new old philosophy, Denver has vaulted aloft in the ABA West
by Barry McDermott

28 Flying in the Face of Age
Still very much in control at 83, Marion Rice Hart bombs around in a Bonanza
by Virginia Kraft

32 Fran vs. the Steel Curtain
The Super Bowl opposes Pittsburgh's front four and Minnesota's quarterback
by Joe Marshall

43 The Apprentice Sorcerer
Rookie Chris McCarron, a wizard jockey, broke an unbreakable record
by Frank Deford

50 Hero with a Tragic Flaw
Big Bill Tilden gave all his gifts to tennis—and made the game his life. Part One
by Frank Deford

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15 Scorecard
46 College Basketball
48 Skiing
61 For the Record
62 19th Hole

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