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62 Shooting The Cold Chute
He takes a deep breath, breaks into a series of quick digging steps, flings himself belly down on the sled, and—zoom!—another Cresta rider has put his life on the icy line at St. Moritz in a run for speed, manhood and a couple of buckets of bubbly with the gang
by William O. Johnson

12 Pittsburgh Punches It Out
Powerful offense, immovable defense reward the Steelers with a sweet Super win
by Dan Jenkins

18 Good Grief, He's at It Again
Johnny Miller is off to another sizzling start, winning at Phoenix by 14 strokes
by Barry McDermott

20 The Old Fief Isn't Barren
After trying to escape The Baron's shadow, Kentucky is off and running
by Curry Kirkpatrick

26 Getting Swamped by 'Gators
Louisiana crawls with protected reptiles. Now some people want protection, too
by Edwin Shrake

30 Into the Shadows
On the court Bill Tilden was a winner, but in the end he was a lonely loser. Part 2
by Frank Deford

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72 19th Hole

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Run it up a little has always been Dan Lasater's approach. He felt that way when he was a quick-food king, writes Frank Deford. It's still his philosophy as the youthful owner of thoroughbred racing's winningest stable.