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KIM GOODSON, a sophomore at Paisley High in Winston-Salem, N.C., scored 36 points in leading her team to a 47-29 victory over Kennedy High to capture the City High School Girls' Basketball championship. In 10 games this season she has averaged 27 points.

TOM KOZLOSKY, a senior linebacker on the East Stroudsburg (Pa.) State football team, averaged 18.2 tackles in 10 games this past season. The 6'3" 215-pounder was the Warriors' leading defensive player every game. He averaged 14 tackles his junior year.

TERRI WHITE, of Albuquerque, was voted New Mexico AAU Athlete of the Month after breaking four track records for 6-year-olds. She set standards in the 50 (7.9), 220 (37.1) and 440 (1:27.9). The next day, she ran a record mile (7:57.5).

ROBERT OLISLAGERS, of The Netherlands, a freshman breaststroker on the Alfred (N.Y.) State College swimming team, bettered a "world record" by treading water 35 hours, surpassing the Guinness Book of World Records' current mark by three hours.

MARY KRUG, 15, of Rochelle, Ill., became the first American to win a gold medal in open international judo competition when she took the lightweight class of the British Open International, the largest women's judo tournament in the world.

ARNOLD BRADSHAW, 33, coach at Geneva (Ohio) High, has a record of 102-2 in nine years and nine consecutive Northeastern Conference titles as the school's first and only tennis coach. In college at Edinboro (Pa.) State he was undefeated in 40 singles matches.