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30 New Look on an Old Shore
Revelations are in store for even the crustiest crustacean on Canc√∫n, an island off Yucatàn where a vast resort complex, masterminded by the Mexican government, is going up. Less complex is the 1975 swimwear; the designers have done their utmost to maximize the minimum
by Jule Campbell and Jerry Kirshenbaum

10 Play Ball, Bill Walton
For weeks the rookie sat on the bench, banking paychecks and alienating people
by Rick Telander

16 Hockey Is Courting Disaster
Dave Forbes' indictment in Minnesota threatens to put the sport on trial
by Mark Mulvoy

18 In Pursuit of Higher Earnings
Stan Smith, the former hot tamale of tennis, takes a Mexican cram course
by Joe Jares

24 He Has the Word from Sicily
When Nick Mileti utters his old-country maxims, three pro teams pay attention
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

52 Run It Up a Little
Dan Lasater, who made a fortune in food, may do the same in horse racing
by Frank Deford

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7 Scorecard
44 College Basketball
46 Horse Racing
50 Skiing
65 For the Record
68 19th Hole

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