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Idols of recliningMayan deities known as Chacmools are scattered through Yucatàn, gazing attourists with mild astonishment. The Chacmools ain't seen nothin' yet. A vastresort master-planned by the Mexican government has just opened on Canc√∫n, a14-mile-long island off the peninsula's northeastern tip, which in time willaccommodate a million visitors a year. Some of the first arrivals no doubt willbe clad in swimwear owing the barest of debts to the filmy fabrics used incompetition, and they'll really make the Chacmools' eyes pop. Visiblyimpressive on the right is Christie Brinkley, gamboling in straps and rings byGiorgio Di Sant' Angelo ($60).

Cheryl Tiegs wearsa smile—and a stretch terry poncho by Sant' Angelo for Raymodes ($29). Herbikini on the cover is by Anne Collins for Bobbie Brooks ($22).

Sitting pretty ona sandy ledge, Christie smolders in a quick-drying Lycra stretch tank suittrimmed with creamy lace, like a chemise, by Gottex of Israel ($42).

Statuesque (I'm5'12") water skier Margaux Hemingway, Papa's granddaughter, sports a shiny4-ounce Lycra tank suit striped for action by Monika for Elon ($28).

Gloriouslyrecumbent off one of Canc√∫n's coral sand beaches, Christie glitters in a gauzy,stretch 1¾-ounce tank suit by Anne Collins for Bobbie Brooks ($25).

Canc√∫n is a resortwith a magnificent past, the brooding Mayan ruins being but a few hours' carride away. Here at Uxmal are the remains of the Palace of the Governor and,gleaming in the background, the oval 125-foot Pyramid of the Magician.