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18 Knight to Remember
Directed by a coach, Bobby Knight, who leads his profession in volatility, Indiana leads the nation. But this year Knight's players are bearing the brunt of his excess energy instead of Big Ten officials and he has stopped drawing technicals—not because he is any mellower, he says, just smarter.
by Curry Kirkpatrick

14 Sad End of an Empire
Starving horses searched vainly for food where mighty Swaps once reigned
by Whitney Tower

22 A Game of Jack or Better
Is Miller better? Maybe. Someday. But not at the Crosby. Littler was.
by Dan Jenkins

28 Eden Fights Back
The famed shell island of Sanibel has decided not to be "improved" to death
by Ray Kennedy

36 The Fun of Freezing
Awaiting spring, the best thing to do about winter is to get out into it
by Jeannette Bruce

42 Handsome and Then Some
Triple medalist and movie star, Toni Sailer is back—and Austria wins for him
by William O. Johnson

62 White Bike, Red Tent
The testing of a woman of 40 who rides her motorcycle alone across the land
by Grace Butcher

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10 Scorecard
48 TV/Radio
50 College Basketball
54 Swimming
58 Tennis
71 For the Record
72 19th Hole

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