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34 Angels for One Minute
It is a classic scene in boxing: The bell rings. The fighter staggers back to his stool, often bowed and sometimes bloody—and there is his cornerman, poised to perform a bit of surgery or apply a burst of psychology to his tiger in the brief interval between rounds. Sometimes it works
by Mark Kram

12 Caught in the Spider's Web
Led by hungry Dave Meyers, snare-spinning UCLA zapped Oregon to top the Pac-8
by Curry Kirkpatrick

16 Courage Conquers a Cruel Sea
Lynne Cox reenacted a Maori legend in making the most dangerous swim of her life
by Sam Moses

18 The Record Didn't Measure Up
Until the officials got into the act, High Jumper Dwight Stones had the altitude
by Ron Reid

20 Maravich and All Those Jazz
New Orleans has the NBA's worst record, but hold on—Pistol Pete performs
by Pat Putnam

26 High Priest of the High Rev
Forbes Carlile defies the orthodox Down Under but gets results with his freestylers
by Coles Phinizy

58 'You're a Part of All This'
The author of a lively book on the Steelers becomes a part of their Super celebration
by Roy Blount Jr.

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68 19th Hole

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The best young little man in wrestling, 126-pounder Jimmy Carr, was an Olympian at 16 and once stuffed a foe in a garbage can. Now he inspirits Kentucky, a newcomer to the sport. By Herman Weiskopf.

The best young big man in basketball, 7'1" California high-schooler Bill Cartwright, scores even when defenders step on his feet and, writes Barry McDermott, he already knows just where he will go to college.