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20 Lowdown on the Top Dogs
Unrest besets the dog world with some authorities, notably Arthur Haggerty, speaking out for more emphasis on the animals' behavior, less on showy appearance. Meanwhile, amid yelps for change in the AKC, the shows go on. Haggerty assesses the most important of them all—the Westminster.
by Robert H. Boyle

24 Pleasure Foolish and Forgone
Two outstanding horses, both champions in 1974, win impressively at Hialeah
by Whitney Tower

26 True Grit to the Last Lap
Sprint-car drivers storm around the dirt track at Tampa in a spirited farewell
by Brock Yates

28 These Vikings Were Steelier
Minnesota won a war but lost the battle of World Series and Super Bowl teams
by Richard W. Johnston

32 The Magic Is Inside
Indoor track and field throbs with a special quality, in intimacy lacking outdoors
Drawings by Bob Stanley

38 Driving Up with a Compact Carr
The best young wrestler in the U.S. and his brother-coach have revved up Kentucky
by Herman Weiskopf

62 'They Are My Life and My Wife'
John Kirkland, Frisbee's first professional, is a poet and sorcerer of the saucers
by J.D. Reed

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50 Tennis
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79 For the Record
80 19th Hole

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Next Week

Last stop on the early part of the golf tour that begins and ends in California is the Los Angeles Open, after which the action on the links swings cross country to Florida. Dan Jenkins offers an analysis of the season so far.

Baseball springs back into the consciousness as the players assemble for the vernal rites. Walter Iooss Jr. salutes the new season with a portfolio of sun-kissed photographs, Ron Fimrite with a fond pen.