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22 Soccer Is Now an In Sport
The pro game has come indoors, six men to a side on hockey rink-size pitches bounded by boards off which players bounce both the ball and themselves. The result: such furious action that substitutes must be inserted every few minutes and more goals are scored than you have fingers.
by Tex Maule

14 Wave Hello to the Future
Pat Fitzsimons won the L.A. Open to join the crowd of kids chasing Jack and Johnny
by Dan Jenkins

18 The 'Cats Got Out of the Bag
'Bama had all but wrapped up the SEC when Kentucky's Kevin Grevey left it grievin'
by Curry Kirkpatrick

20 Green Machine with Six Gears
The Celtics had transmission trouble on the road, but they've got the spare parts
by Pat Putnam

30 Run, Seaver, Run
The Mets' Tom Terrific and the rest of the cast spring back into animation
Photographed by Walter Iooss Jr.

36 Big Frog, Very Small Pond
At 70, Henri LaMothe is making a splash, belly-whopping into 12 inches of water
by Edward Hoagland

62 Czeching on the Huchen
An indefatigable angler pursues a mighty fish in the icy tributaries of the Danube
by Clive Gammon

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Cover photograph by Tony Triolo



Next Week

Looking ahead to Augusta is Lee Elder, the first black to qualify for the Masters. But he has had 10 months since the Monsanto to get ready and that has created problems for him, says Jerry Kirshenbaum.

FIVE FACES OF EVE: These days the woman athlete is not always sure whether she should be ruthless or relaxed. Pat Jordan pays a visit to Penn State where a hockey coach gently admonishes: "Fight, Ladies, Fight!"