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34 That Old Sinking Feeling
Putting looks like such a simple thing: the ball is here, the hole is there, and all you have to do is roll it in. Ho, ho. The putt is the most agonizing stroke in golf. The big-name pros have their problems, too, as you shall see, but then they don't follow the Ten Basic Rules for Happy Putting.
by Dan Jenkins with illustrations by Don Moss

16 Run Down by a Ford
North Carolina won the ACC when its foes ran afoul of a freshman named Phil
by Barry McDermott

20 Another Aussie Blowout
The beer flowed again last week, this time from the World Cup in Hartford
by Joe Jares

22 Lifting Off to the Playoffs
The Rockets are an odd crew but they know about rugged dependence
by Pat Putnam

24 An Ax Can't Do It Alone
The Canucks, home from a disastrous road trip, also greeted Chicago with a "hammer"
by Mark Mulvoy

40 Little Man with a Big Punch
Learning as he fought, Duran took a lot of lumps, but emerged as lightweight champ
by Tex Maule

64 Frozen Hell in a Cockleshell
Six men in a lifeboat encounter an Antarctic hurricane. A classic tale of the sea
by F.A. Worsley

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84 19th Hole

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