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22 They Kept Himin Stitches
Chuck Wepner took 120 sutures in his mush after his 1971 fight with SonnyListon, but Muhammad Ali says he will not be aiming for the head when he goesinto the ring. Nevertheless, it the butterfly floats, and the bee buzzes, whatis the likely result? About 220 pounds of ground Chuck
by Mark Kram

14 Two on a SnowySeesaw
After a sizzling duel at Sun Valley the World Cup standings were dead even
by William Johnson

18 Jaunty Strideinto History
On a festive day free of tension, Frank Robinson manages big league game No.1
by Ron Fimrite

20 Who'll Handlethe Hoosiers?
Indiana looked untouchable in its NCAA opener, but the Wildcats have longclaws
by Curry Kirkpatrick

28 Where None HadGone Before
A cruel sea journey completed, Sir Ernest Shackleton crosses a tracklessicescape
by F. A. Worsley

48 Outsider inthe Mainstream
Miami's David Wilkie swims to world records while yearning for another world
by Morton Sharnik

72 Mirror of MyMood
The red dog was a companion of old but his walk is shaky now, his life almostspent
by Bil Gilbert


9 Scorecard
42 Hockey
54 TV/Radio
56 Wrestling
59 Boating
64 College Basketball
68 Golf
83 For the Record
85 19th Hole

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Cover photographby Neil Leifer

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