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28 Jipcho Was Really Socko
Pro track staged a showcase meet for TV but, despite intensive coverage, the show would have been a floperoo had it not been for Ben Jipcho. The smiling Kenyan, who seemed to understand something about reruns, won the mile and the two mile in record times.
by Ron Reid

22 Battle to the Wire
With Indiana out of the NCAA tournament, it figures to be a horse race
by Barry McDermott

26 The Most Likely to Succeed
Some of the rookies that bloom in the spring, tra-la, become hardy perennials
by Larry Keith

30 Skating from Under a Shadow
The Islanders, New York's "other team," may face the Rangers in the playoffs
by Mark Mulvoy

40 Dem Bones, Dem Sly Bones
Wary bonefish feed on the flats off Roatàn, but the natives have cuda for suppah
by Robert F. Jones

46 Room at the Top
Fire a manager and next day he has a new job. Owners like men with experience
by Bil Gilbert

72 The Price Is Always Right
Be it a PGA tune-ament or a $5 Nassau, 62-year-old Sam Snead gives it his best shot
by John Underwood

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17 Scorecard
56 Pro Basketball
62 Skiing
67 Women's Basketball
70 Speed Skating
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Rich Clarkson

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Next Week

The king of the hoop will be crowned at the NCAA tournament when surprising Syracuse, emotional Kentucky, balanced Louisville and—who else?—UCLA meet in San Diego to separate the champ from the pretenders.

The lip and the gang ride again in Leo Durocher's spirited remembrance of the Gas House days in St. Louis—the era of the Deans, Frisch, Medwick, Martin. First of a series drawn from Durocher's forthcoming memoirs.