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Baseball is a game in which nothing much happens for a while and then a lot happens suddenly. To capture, to concentrate, to intensify such fleeting moments is a challenge to the photographer, and the portfolio on the following pages is the result of one man's acceptance of the challenge. At right, for example, that paragon of third basemen, Baltimore's Brooks Robinson, has been caught, distorted and yet somehow enhanced while executing a classic motion that might be titled Pickup with Peg to Follow. The photographer, Tomas Sennett, has taken pictures on high steel and in the jungles of the Amazon; now he has explored a novel danger zone. Shooting pregame warmups, he was nearly hit by several line drives. An Oriole coach told him that he himself had once caught one flush in the face. A moment, for sure.

In immemorial counterpoint, the batter takes his cut in solitary concentration, unaware of the vendor crying his wares in the stands.

The pitcher rears back and throws, and suddenly there is the classic double-play tableau at second—or perhaps the stand-up double.