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...who only stand and wait while their husbands struggle to make pars and birdies. It can be a frustrating experience, walking outside the ropes that line the fairways, unable to contribute more than a cheer as a long putt drops or a groan when a short one does not. No tournament attracts as many wives as the Masters, which because of its importance, its traditions and its beauty is almost a command performance. On the following pages is a gallery of golfers' wives, some of whom have been going to Augusta longer than they might care to admit, others for whom the adventure is still new and, unhappily, a few who will not enjoy the festivities this week because their husbands did poorly and failed to qualify.

Winnie Palmer, 20 Masters
Barbara Nicklaus, 15 Masters
Rachel Wadkins, 5 Masters
Jeanne Weiskopf, 7 Masters
Sally Jean Irwin, 3 Masters
Iwalani Rodriguez, 6 Masters
Noel Blancas, 4 Masters
Sherri Schlee, 4 Masters
Nancy Nichols, 12 Masters
Cathy Stockton, 6 Masters
Vivienne Player 9 Masters