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80 On His Mark And Go-Go-Going
Armed with his trusty legal pad and pocketfuls of file cards, Mark McCormack, the most powerful man in professional sport, has enriched himself and hundreds of athletes he represents, devised new "sports" for TV and had five holes drilled in his head.
by Ray Kennedy

20 What a Pleasure!
Threading his way through a jumbled field, Foolish Pleasure won the 101st Derby
by Whitney Tower

26 Playing Ketchup out West
Awash in slogans and young heroes, the Padres aren't patties anymore
by Ron Fimrite

28 Ploytime in the NBA
The conference playoffs find tour teams all looking for ways to get an edge
by Pat Putnam and Barry McDermott

32 This Devil Found Heaven
Bill King announces sports when he's not at sea or eating peanut butter tortillas
by Ron Fimrite

42 Portrait of Indy
A look at the immense and diverse crowd that throngs the raceway
by Enrico Ferorelli and Robert F. Jones

The departments

15 Scorecard
57 Baseball
62 Nature
68 Tennis
73 Hockey
76 Lacrosse
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

Credits on page 101

Cover photograph by Jerry Cooke



Next Week

Two hundred MPH is once again being predicted as the top qualifying speed for the Indianapolis 500. Nobody has ever quite made it, but Robert F. Jones is on hand to see how men and machines take the strain of trying to.

Something special is what Billie Jean King decided to be years ago. And that is what she has become, not only in tennis and in sport but in the world beyond the sidelines. Frank Deford reveals a remarkable woman.