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84 Beating Their Brains Out
In its own way egghead MIT is a power in intercollegiate athletics. Although the opposition is often rinky-dink and Tech rarely wins more than it loses, its record of competing in 22 NCAA sports is unmatched. For MIT it's not how you play the game but that you have a ball playing it.
by John Underwood

20 A Record Goes Bust
Filbert Bayi of Tanzania ran away from a super field to break Jim Ryun's mile mark
by Ron Reid

24 Master of the Preakness
At 23-to-1, long-shot Master Derby refuted the odds to upset Foolish Pleasure
by Whitney Tower

26 It's Finger Lickin' Time
The Colonels have their mouths open wide for an ABA title and are ready to chomp
by Barry McDermott

28 Poetry in Motion
A versatile pitcher provides rhyme and reason for the Cubs' surprising eminence
by Roy Blount Jr.

32 Hockey's Eclectic Wizard
Flyer Coach Fred Shero draws on the Beatles, badminton and a Bolshevik
by Mark Mulvoy

36 All Roads Lead to Roam
Bike paths are fanning out across Oregon, land of homemade laws and freewheelers
by Robert Cantwell

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15 Scorecard
65 TV/Radio
66 Baseball
74 Boxing
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78 Lacrosse
99 For the Record
100 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier



Next Week

The not so inscrutable Chinese ignored politics and gave visiting U.S. track athletes a warm hello. John Underwood, traveling with the team, describes the welcome in Canton and the friendly competition that followed.

Bad Billy Martin, the baseball brawler, also happens to be a manager of rare ability—it was he who turned the Twins, Tigers and Rangers around—a loving father and man with a keen sense of honor. By Frank Deford.