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18 The –Øeds Are Coming!
Never mind that Cincinnati's Pete Rose has some Frenchified bath lotion in his locker. He's been playing a new position (very busy third base) so well—and the rest of the Reds have been coming on so strong—that Cincinnati is breathing hot on the necks of the Los Angeles Dodgers.
by Roy Blount Jr.

22 Pre's Last Race
Steve Prefontaine, America's best distance runner, died hours after his final victory
by Kenny Moore

26 Newest Kids on the Block
In the great tradition of soccer, team tennis and box lacrosse, volleyball has turned pro
by Curry Kirkpatrick

30 Shortstop with a Short Fuse
Montreal's Tim Foli excels despite—or is it because of?—a flaming temper
by Pat Jordan

38 Ride 'Em, Cowboy
It's a school of hard knocks but rookies still flock to learn the ropes of rodeo
by William Hjortsberg

46 Half Makes a Full Turn
The Nelsons had a stranglehold on bait, but Half broke with Full to wrestle conservation
by Ellington White

76 Rocky Bleier's War
A Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl star tells what combat was like in Vietnam
by Rocky Bleier and Terry O'Neil

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13 Scorecard
55 Baseball
63 Lacrosse
67 Golf
72 Hockey
91 For the Record
92 19th Hole

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Cover photographs by Heinz Kluetmeier and Larry Burrows—LIFE



Next Week

TWO FOR THE BELMONT—Derby winner Foolish Pleasure and Master Derby, who won the Preakness, plus a field of the year's best 3-year-olds, race over a demanding mile and a half. Whitney Tower reports the showdown.

TWO FOR THE BRANDYWINE—Nero faces Alert Bret, the only pacer to beat him last year, by a neck in record-breaking time. They meet for the first time as 3-year-olds and Barry McDermott describes the rematch.