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26 Tarpon Time in the Keys
Twenty-five of the world's best anglers, with 25 guides, set out in 25 boats to compete in the Islamorada Invitational Tarpon Fly Championship in the Florida Keys. The winner landed a 121-pounder, but one tarpon deserved a trophy for almost snagging a fisherman.
by Clive Gammon

18 Curtain Call for a Legend
When Pelé played his first game, the field was his stage and his act was brilliant
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

22 Basket for Brotherly Love
The Knicks thought George McGinnis hated Philadelphia and that started all the fuss
by Pat Putnam

24 All's Well That Ends Fastest
Once Friday the 13th was behind them, the Formula 5000 drivers took on Mario Andretti
by Brock Yates

32 Violent Return to a Troubled Past
In a California town with a history of Klan turmoil, thugs ran out 13 black athletes
by Joe Jares

40 The Glass Menagerie
Jai alai pros are caged, always on exhibit, to prove to bettors that they aren't beastly
by D. Keith Mano

64 You Hear Loons Calling
A summons to adventure was in the lines of the wonderful old canoes
by Mason Smith

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Next Week

A Fourth U.S. Open title is Jack Nicklaus' aim at Medinah, just a wedge shot away from Chicago. Such folk as Johnny Miller, Gary Player, Tom Watson and Hale Irwin will be battling him. Dan Jenkins observes.

It pays to steal in the American League West, where larceny has become so rampant that historic stolen-base records are sure to be broken. Ron Fimrite reports from speedways in Anaheim, K.C. and Oakland.