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14 Silky Sets The Gold Standard
Used to be if a horse won a harness race it got extra oats and the owner got to take the prettiest girl to the social. Prizes keep going up. In the richest harness race ever, Silk Stockings demolished her opposition and gave her owner the right to dance out the door with 112½ pounds of solid-gold bars.
by Barry McDermott

8 Polishing Off Their Rivals
The U.S. men made a big splash, but the East Germans shellacked our women
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

12 He's in a Zone All His Own
Phillie Greg Luzinski has muscled his way to the major leagues' homer and RBI lead
by Jack Mann

16 Great American Elephant Hunt
Lilly and Isa took their trunks and left the circus, and all Hugo, Okla. is on the case
by Jeannette Bruce

20 A Straight Arrow Aims for It All
No one can shoot like Darrell Pace, says Darrell Pace. Don't argue with the champ
by Rick Telander

26 Pursuit of a Grayling Shade
A pair of fishing romanticists found it hard to stay true to their goal in Lapland
by Clive Gammon

48 Designing Woman
Some call Mary Jo Peppler a prima donna, but all agree she's in tune with the times
by Pat Jordan

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32 Softball
39 Baseball
42 Horse Racing
44 Golf
59 For the Record
60 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer



Next Week

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