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26 A Running Fever in Eugene
The young, the old and a whole bunch of folks in between are taking to the streets of this Oregon city, but for strictly peaceful purposes. They are mad for running. In the early morning or in the long summer twilight, perhaps 10,000 of Eugene's 90,000 citizens are showing their heels to one another.
by Bobbie Conlan Moore

10 It's a Grand New Game
Baseball is bigger than ever with record crowds and plenty of promotional pizzazz
by Ron Fimrite

14 Twinkle, Twinkle—Pffft
The All-Stars shone for three quarters, then Joe Gilliam put their lights out
by Mark Mulvoy

18 Hell (and Heaven) on Wheels
A fiendishly determined cycling champion confronts another who looks like an angel
by Barry McDermott

22 Once More, with Filion
Hurrying Hervé, a driver who knows 'orses, is a sure bet to set the alltime win record
by Sam Moses

50 Westward to the Long Forever
Frederic Remington, a former Yale football player, limned America's final frontier
by Tom Allen and Robert Cantwell

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6 Scorecard
37 TV/Radio
38 Baseball
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48 Dog Racing
64 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer



Next Week

What every batter fears is the beanball, that high hard one aimed with malice aforethought at the head. Mark Kram, an ex-target for one vicious pitcher, relates why hitting is the most dangerous occupation in team sports.

What every golfer wants is a major title, and the PGA is the last chance to win one this year. While Jack Nicklaus has 15, he'd love another, but so would Tom Watson, who recently won his first. Dan Jenkins reports.