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40 Wonderful Whirl of Sports
If racehorses, show dogs and professional athletes can wash away their physical and spiritual aches in the soothing embrace of a whirlpool bath, should millions of weekend athletes be left high and dry? The Jacuzzi family rightly figured no—and now everyone is getting a salubrious soaking.
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

16 Swinging on a Star
Nicklaus' fourth PGA and 16th major title put him light years beyond mortals
by Dan Jenkins

20 Getting High on Mardi Grass
There was no room at the big top as the Superdome opened to a capacity crowd
by Peter Finney

22 'Just a Little Country Hit'
It was smash summer theater in North Conway, with Jimbo doing a star turn
by Curry Kirkpatrick

24 In All Events, the Best
Bruce Jenner set a world decathlon record and led the U.S. to a win over the U.S.S.R.
by Kenny Moore

32 Their Lives Are on the Line
Whenever a hitter steps up, he faces that specter of death, the beanball
by Mark Kram

66 Only One Kind of Fishing
To the singleminded breed that pursues bluefin tuna, nothing else comes close
by George Packard

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13 Scorecard
28 Karate
49 Baseball
57 Pro Football
60 Marathon
84 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by John Iacono



Next Week

Far-reaching changes could be forthcoming from the NCAA convention in Chicago. Frank Deford is on hand as the delegates debate proposals dealing with TV, recruiting, coaching ethics and scholarships.

Change came sneaking up on tennis and few can pinpoint when the game doffed its pure-white image and went commercial. Curry Kirkpatrick takes a look at Bill Riordan and Donald Dell, two who saw it coming.