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14 Poisoned Fish, Troubled Waters
At last a swell of protest is rising against PCBs, the toxic chemical compounds that are being spewed into our lakes and rivers and dispersed into the atmosphere, contaminating a variety of animals—including humans. Awake to the menace, officialdom must how do something about it.
by Robert H. Boyle

18 Furniss Was All Stoked Up
Determined to atone for Cali, young Bruce got hot at the AAU championships
by Anita Verschoth

20 Wanted: Instant Status
A second-year golf tournament seeks to be on a par with the Big Four
by Barry McDermott

22 Wheeling and Dealing
Skateboards are back. The kids are rolling, and so are manufacturers—in money
by Sarah Pileggi

26 He Ran into Doors
Tony DeSpirito, a star at 16, dead at 39. In between, he had everything but luck
by Frank Deford

32 Wiles of the Wigwag Man
He tugs at his cap, shuffles, scratches, and sends the signals that win games
by Herman Weiskopf

58 Coming on Strong
Brian Oldfield, whirling dervish of the shotput, has muscles to match his ego
by Curry Kirkpatrick

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