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12 The A's Go on Relief
The world champions go fitfully on occasion, yes, but with the mustachioed Rollie Fingers—or fellow relievers Paul Lindblad and Jim Todd—beating a path from the bullpen to the mound, Oakland is making up for the loss of Catfish Hunter and seems headed for another division title
by Ron Fimrite

16 To Cook Bonefish, Don't Overheat
Stanley Dancer's colt was on the griddle four times before he won the Hambletonian
by Barry McDermott

18 ...But Not in Nottingham
U.S. men suffered a sinking spell at the World Rowing Championships in England
by Clive Gammon

20 Win, Sun and Stars
Pat Haden and Anthony Davis have sparked Southern California to a 5-1 WFL record
by Edwin Shrake

College Football 75

24 Is it being thrown for a financial loss? No way, says John Underwood
29 A pictorial ode to the Ivies, accompanied by George Plimpton's lighthearted words
40 The Top 20, plus reports on conferences, independents and small colleges
82 Ray Kennedy pursues Archie Griffin, who hopes to run away with another Heisman

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The green, green grass of Forest Hills is gone, paved over with a crushed-rock surface that can, and is, being played on night and day. Joe Jares and Curry Kirkpatrick report on the way the ball bounces at the U.S. Open.

The greening of Don King has placed him in the center, if not necessarily the heart, of the boxing world. Mark Kram traces the high life and hard times of the flamboyant wheeler-dealer who has become a modern-day Tex Rickard.