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16 Two Ears for Manuelito
It was a battle of the lefties at Forest Hills, three making it to the men's semis and two meeting in the finals, where Manuel Orantes left Jimmy Connors for dead. What was left for the women? Well, Chris Evert left with $25,000 and Martina Navratilova said she's left her homeland for good.
by Joe Jares and Curry Kirkpatrick

22 Off the Road, into the Act
Rolling in from the desert, the racers flew high, wide and then some
by Sam Moses

24 Tom Swift and His Sky Machine
The Mets' wondrous fastballer soared, but his moundmates went into a tailspin
by Ray Kennedy

32 'Ain't No Others Like Me'
Up from the gutter and reaching for the stars is Don King, boxing's new Barnum
by Mark Kram

44 Jewel of a Ball Park
The heroes have changed in Boston's Fenway, but that old intimacy endures
by Melvin Maddocks

82 Whose Zoo?
...and who's who among the beasts that preen and pout and strut their stuff
by Bil Gilbert

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The opening gun of the NFL season resounds and so does Dan Jenkins in our annual special issue with a semi-irreverent shot at what the violent world has come to. Mark Mulvoy finds things a bit topsy-turvy, too, but then he's looking at the game from the centers' viewpoint, and Roy Blount Jr. takes on Mean Joe Greene, which is no mean task. Plus 12 pages of scouting reports.