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12 Buckeye Revenge
Bristling from last year's controversial upset, Ohio State whipped Michigan State
by Larry Keith

16 Get Lost, Cinderella
A silver-spooned Wajima won the Marlboro Cup, spoiling a riches-to-rags tradition
by William Leggett

18 An Indy on a Wet Track
Boating's version of the 500 boasted a Pied Piper and a fancy rat pack
by Roger Vaughan

20 A Potshot Angers its Quarry
A CBS show on hunting stressed only the kill—and started a nationwide firefight

Pro Football '75

28 Once it was a ball to be moved. Now Dan Jenkins finds muddle in the huddle

33 Mark Mulvoy hunkers down in the middle of the pit, where centers ply their trade

42 Scouting reports reveal the best are in the West, so watch those Raiders and Rams

96 Roy Blount Jr. takes on Mean Joe Greene-who does what he wants when he wants

66 This Coach Is First Class
The Chicago Track Club's Ted Haydon takes a backseat to no one as a friend
by Sarah Pileggi

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9 Scorecard
74 College Football
81 Motor Sports
84 Golf
91 Baseball
107 For the Record
108 19th Hole

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