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8 And Now There Are Four

In the NFC, Dallas winged in on a prayerful pass, but L.A. needed no miracles
by Dan Jenkins and Edwin Shrake

In the AFC, Pittsburgh's toughs hung one on Baltimore, but Oakland just hung tough
by Mark Mulvoy and Ron Reid

16 Who Is Kidding Whom?
USF has the best young basketball players, but not many laughers until they grow up
by Barry McDermott

20 The Dealing Wheeler
The same drive that pushed Jerry Hansen to financial success powers his racing career
by Sam Moses

24 Boris and His Boys
An inside look at how the Russians come up with those teams that rival the NHL's best
by Mark Mulvoy

38 Good Man, Good Show
A university dropout attracts raves with a production of science and symphony
by Bil Gilbert

52 It's a Small World
Most boys endure an acute stage of model building—and lots of adults do, too
by J.D. Reed

The Departments

5 Scorecard
38 Conservation
40 College Basketball
42 Speed Skating
46 Cross-Country
48 College Football
62 For the Record
64 19th Hole

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Next Week

The football frenzy continues with the pro conference championships and the major college bowls. In the NFL, Dan Jenkins and Mark Mulvoy will look on as Dallas meets Los Angeles and Oakland confronts Pittsburgh. College coverage includes the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Cotton Bowls and the battle for the No. 1 ranking. For the more contemplative, Ray Kennedy profiles mercurial U.S. chess champ Walter Browne.