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The short paws that refreshes

Let's put the puns up front and get it over with. This is not a hot-dog skier (as a wag once said). You're barking up the wrong tree. This is Schmalz, a dog-dog skier, the real item, maybe the only skiing dog in the world.

Schmalz is nine and lives in Portland, Ore. with a human, Dr. H. Clagett Harding, who got this whole thing going eight years ago. Schmalz got so huffy every time the Hardings went off skiing that they finally took him along. Soon he had his own outfit, tiny boots made from plaster casts of his paws, two tiny skis and a tiny parka. Well, sort of a parka. After that there was no stopping him: Schmalz has skied in Norway, Switzerland, Italy, all over Austria and the U.S.

Schmalz wedels and wags his tail while schussing. His human pays for his own lift ticket, but Schmalz usually puts the bite on the operator for a free ride.