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18 Battle of Big Ten Biggies
Indiana and Michigan met for the third time, and this one was for the NCAA title
by Barry McDermott

22 Up, Down, All Around Town
The inaugural U.S. Grand Prix West offered flourishes and a pair of hot Ferraris
by Robert F. Jones

24 Gunning Down a Good Naber
Long, lean John was all set for an NCAA career record...then along swam Tim
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

26 Rookies Who Are Hot Cookies
The best of a snappy batch of kids may be a Cardinal who's in a strange spot
by Mark Mulvoy

32 Johnny Came Lately
After a slow start, Johnny Miller nearly won the 1975 Masters with a record finish
by Sarah Pileggi

40 Bald Facts from the Hacker
Bud Collins is the broadcaster-writer who knows tennis, and tells you all about it
by Donald Dale Jackson

66 The Student
A revelatory portrayal of undergraduate Jim Kennedy, Missouri basketball star
by John Underwood

The Departments

15 Scorecard
49 TV/Radio
50 College Basketball
52 Horse Racing
55 Volleyball
61 Curling
62 Golf
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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Next Week

Baseball is here and its boom of last season figures to reverberate with at least three tight divisional races. A special section takes a look ahead, with scouting reports on every team, and a look back at the unparalleled rookie seasons of Boston's Fred Lynn and Jim Rice. Mark Mulvoy profiles Cincinnati's Joe Morgan, the complete player, and Ron Fimrite writes of Jackie Jensen, the Golden Boy whose career turned to dust.