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18 It Was Ray All the Way
Leading the Masters from start to finish, Ray Floyd tied Nicklaus' tournament record
by Dan Jenkins

24 A Giant Step
After years of faltering, baseball is now on the march again in San Francisco
by Ron Fimrite

26 It Is Now Crunchtime
Cleveland, Philadelphia and Phoenix are in the NBA playoffs—but for how long?
by Curry Kirkpatrick

34 Howay, Big Bren!
Middle-distance star Brendan Foster is a ray of hope in England's gloomy Gateshead
by Ray Kennedy

44 Biting the Hand
...that feeds them is common in the New England Aquarium. So the divers bite back
by Rick Telander

48 High Road to the Good Life
Once one of the obsessed, a rallyist finds the way to relax and enjoy the ride
by Phil Singerman

88 Religion in Sport
God isn't dead in the locker room and Jocks for Jesus are spreading the word
by Frank Deford

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15 Scorecard
66 College Baseball
71 Speed Skating
72 Pro Football
80 Fishing
85 Soccer
105 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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Next Week

PSSST. Before you mortgage the house to invest in Kentucky Derby favorite Honest Pleasure, be aware that he has a problem. He could be too fast for his own good. Ernest Havemann tells why.

The fall and rise of Yankee Stadium, including this week's reopening, is depicted in color photos as Bronx-born Robert Lipsyte recalls the glory days and gives his view of the new park.