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18 Oakland's Rae of Sunshine
Replacing the injured Ken Stabler, Mike Rae beat Houston to keep the Raiders undefeated
by Dan Jenkins

22 Excelling in Average
The divisions are all but decided, not the hitting races. The news: Rod Carew may not win a title
by Ron Fimrite

24 This Time Donna Was Prima
On a golf course that was once a movie set, Donna Caponi Young starred for $35,000
by Sarah Pileggi

26 High on the Hit Parade
Maryland moves up on the charts as other football powers face the music and better foes
by Edwin Shrake

40 Getting in Step with Dad
Marvin Paul Shoulders follows in the footsteps of a rodeoing legend, but at his own pace
by Douglas S. Looney

46 Flies Fit to be Tied
Fly-tying freaks have been turned on by new tools, new materials and newly introduced fish
by Robert H. Boyle

80 An Ancient Extravaganza
A babe in the woods, the author is introduced to the elaborate ritual of a hunt in the Black Forest
by George V. Packard

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Next Week

The curtain rises on Cincinnati vs. Philadelphia and the Yankees vs. (probably) Kansas City as baseball's playoffs begin. Ron Fimrite and Larry Keith assess the strengths and weaknesses of the antagonists.

Act three, in which the heavyweight championship was decided, figured to be anything but a playful end to the Muhammad Ali-Ken Norton show. Mark Kram reports from front row center at Yankee Stadium.