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22 The Baseball Playoffs
The Reds twice sped past Philly, while New York and Kansas City played to an American standoff

26 The Two-for-One Special
Minnesota won the first half, Chicago took the second—so the Vikings won on points
by Robert F. Jones

28 Almost Even in an Odd Year
James Hunt pulled closer to Niki Lauda with a victory in the U.S. Grand Prix at Watkins Glen
by Sam Moses

30 The Fabulous Invalid
Bobby Orr and his $3 million knees survived Week 1 with the Chicago Black Hawks
by Peter Gammons

Hockey 1976-77

36 Orr has moved on, Cleveland and Denver have moved in—but Montreal should stay on top
38 Peacefully, persistently, the Swedes are handling sticks that were once for Canadians only
42 Comprehensive NHL and WHA scouting reports say Montreal and Winnipeg will win again

88 Dangerous Delusion
True exponents of karate fear that some martial arts students are fantasizing invincibility
by Richard W. Johnston

The Departments

17 Scorecard
54 College Football
64 Harness Racing
68 Pro Football
74 Volleyball
78 Sporting Look
82 Walking
109 For the Record
110 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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