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22 The Machine Tooled Along
The Reds were in high gear in opening the World Series with 5-1 and 4-3 wins over the Yankees
by Ron Fimrite

26 Can't They Catch the Ball?
Dallas dropped too many of Roger Staubach's passes and dropped its first game to St. Louis
by Dan Jenkins

28 Elemental, If Not Artistic
Punchers Duran and Foreman provided a sharp contrast to the tepid Ali-Norton fight
by Mark Kram

30 Seldom is Heard
...a discouraging word where the deer and the antelope play, now that Wyoming leads the WAC
by John Underwood

Pro Basketball 1976-77

34 It will be a season for all men, with the older NBAers in for surprises from unknown ABA stars

37 Five key matchups in the new alignment will go a long way toward deciding the better teams

42 Scouting reports of all 22 teams and the four divisions. Tip: watch the Denver Nuggets

54 Not Like Michigan
A hunter from the Midwest is attacked by swarms of imaginary creatures in Lake Okeechobee
by Jim Harrison

94 A Rookie Put It Together
First-year NBA Commissioner Larry O'Brien's persuasive powers brought about the merger
by Ray Kennedy

The Departments

17 Scorecard
63 College Football
77 Pro Football
85 Ballooning
90 Horse Racing
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

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Next Week

The verdict, finally, on who will be the 1976 world driving champion, as James Hunt gets his last chance to catch defender Niki Lauda in the first Formula One Grand Prix race ever held in Japan.

The defense never rests in San Francisco, where Tommy Hart and Cedrick Hardman power a sack-happy front four. Now in first place in the NFC West, ahead of favored L.A., the 49ers try Atlanta.