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20 My, How He Does Run
Tony Dorsett of Pittsburgh gained 241 yards to become the alltime leading college rusher
by Myron Cope

24 Nothing to Write Home About
Denis Potvin didn't keep a diary as the Islanders skated through a frustrating week
by Peter Gammons

26 New Guard for the Old Guard
Jazzy statistics are being made in New Orleans by the backcourt duo of Maravich and Goodrich
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

28 Toting the Butcher's Bill
Quarterbacks are dropping all over the NFL. So far, 20 have made the injured list this season
by Robert F. Jones

34 Loose as a Goose
Jay Springsteen was just "having fun" racing a motorcycle, until he was hit by plate fever
by Sam Moses

38 Rolling in Biasse Waies
In lawn bowling the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line
by Rose Mary Mechem

66 The Doc Makes Fight Calls
This physician cares for boxing heroes and bums alike, and his diary will keep you in stitches
by Ferdie Pacheco, M.D.

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82 19th Hole

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Next Week

The Jones Boy, Quarterback Bert, has pitched the Colts to first place in the AFC East. The Jones man, Writer Robert F, visits his namesake in Baltimore to go duck hunting and chat about life as the new Unitas.

By George, this time the intrepid Plimpton calls a line at Forest Hills and learns that a tennis official's lot is not a happy one. Indeed, they often head for their chairs as though being ordered out of the trenches.