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18 They Came to Play
The ABA survivors in the NBA have shown they're fit, and Denver is giving everyone fits
by Curry Kirkpatrick

22 Choking on a Boilermaker
Giddy with visions of a national title, Michigan couldn't knock back a strong Purdue team
by Larry Keith

24 Youth Was Swerved
France swept the International, but the U.S.-bred winner had to survive a foul claim
by William Leggett

26 Shooting for the Super Bowl
Rifle-armed Quarterback Bert Jones has Baltimore on target atop the AFC East
by Robert F. Jones

34 Down a Dark Hall at 185 mph
Bone-weary and alone, Le Mans drivers hurtle through a night they fear will never end
by Sam Posey

44 Jim Dandy Gym
San Rafael (Calif.) High offers 45 phys-ed courses, including rock-climbing and Frisbee
by Jim Kaplan

80 On the Firing Line
For $5.80 a day, tennis officials at Forest Hills get a lot of static from players and fans alike
by George Plimpton

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