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24 USC is Right on Pitch
Evans called the tune, Bell ran to beat the band and the Trojans scored a notable victory
by John Underwood

28 It's Dollars and Sense
The NHL owners went to Florida to party but wound up dealing with some vexing problems
by Peter Gammons

30 They'd Rather Be Constant
But Campy Russell and Austin Can are doing fine as the Cleveland Cavaliers' Instant Offense
by Douglas S. Looney

32 These Pats Are No Patsies
Have you heard the one about New England becoming a winner? Don't laugh, they're 8-3.
by Robert F. Jones

College Basketball 1976-77

42 Barry McDermott reports that, for a change, the battle for the championship is wide open
44 Coaches figure the game is something to shout about, or gnaw towels over, or throw chairs at
50 Scouting reports rank the Top 20, the best of the rest, small colleges and women's teams

94 Welcome to His World
It's tough to figure out Marquette Coach Al McGuire, who will skip pastry but not numbers
by Frank Deford

The Departments

18 Scorecard
80 TV/Radio
82 College Football
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Manny Millan

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