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Something to Shout About


What we have here is Bobby Knight of Indiana, coach, doing what most coaches do at least part of every game. Rage. In calmer moments they shout, scream and rant. They have also been known to chew on towels, throw the chairs they were sitting in, lie flat on the court and do wind sprints in front of their bench. There was one old gent who merely sat there with a rolled-up program, but he was an exception and, besides, he always won. On the following pages are some of the game's most prominent coaches in the heat of battle, all having as much fun as Bobby.

Out of context, it would be difficult to figure out just what these coaches are up to. That's Lefty Driesell of Maryland to the immediate right. It's possible that his wife has just driven off with the keys to the family's second car, but more probably he wants one of his players to ask for a time out. Urgently. North Carolina's Dean Smith could be arguing his case before the jury, but this jury numbers two, both wearing striped shirts and carrying whistles. Having toweled off after a fishing trip, Tom Young of Rutgers insists that the one that got away was about this long, or that one of his players never came close to the other guy.

Proving they can take adversity sitting down, Digger Phelps of Notre Dame and Michigan's Johnny Orr are left agape by the court proceedings.