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30 Smashing Through the Snow
The Pittsburgh avalanche rolled over Cincinnati, but there's tough sledding to the playoffs
by Dan Jenkins

34 He Was Caught Napping
Owner Gerry Cheevers slept while Royal Ski won the Remsen. He had the night shift
by William Leggett

36 Tony Did His Number
On stage before an unappreciative Penn State audience, Pitt's Mr. Dorsett starred again
by Douglas S. Looney

38 Boston's Favorite Park
It's not Fenway, but Brad—who has led the upstart Bruins to the best record in the NHL
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

44 That Big Latin Beat
Coming up the hard way, Latin American fighters now hold 16 of the 25 world championships
by Pat Putnam

59 A Whiz at Whizzing Birds
A VAPS—Van Alen Pheasant Shoot—is brought to you by the man who wants VASSS for tennis
by Virginia Kraft

100 The Snake Doesn't Rattle
Don Prudhomme, drag racing's top driver, just keeps rolling up wins with his Funny Car
by Bruce Newman

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