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Up, up and Away on New Year's Day


As has been suspected for some time, there is more to Pitt's Tony Dorsett than a fleet, powerful runner wearing jersey No. 33. Come game day, Dorsett, a mild-mannered communications major at a large metropolitan university, slips into a convenient locker room and emerges as the Man of Steel—or, at the very least, the superman from the Steel City. Illustrating the bowl previews on the following pages are other superheroes who lead double lives, students during the week, leaping over tall tacklers on the weekends. They appear here 1) not as you will see them on Jan. 1, and 2) as they will never be caught dead again.

Georgia's Junkyard Dogs—Lawrence Craft (92), Dicky Clark (87), Jeff Sanders (99) and Mark Mitchell (24), with friend—are in for a scrap.

Alois Blackwell (32) and Wilson Whitley of the Cougars are pumping themselves up for the Cotton Bowl game, which most definitely will not be rigged.

The Terrapins of Maryland have been riding on the back of Quarterback Mark Manges all season, so it seems fair that he get a chance to do the same.

It was a lot to ask, especially of a 220-pound fullback who was fresh from rampaging over Ohio State, but Michigan's Rob Lytle rose to the occasion.

Hail to Ricky Bell, the Trojans' conquering hero, who promises that when he challenges the mighty forces of Michigan, there'll be no horsing around.