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Sorry USC, but Pitt Is It

14 The Sugar Bowl: John Underwood relates the Panthers' rout of Georgia to nail down No. 1
18 The Rose Bowl: Joe Jares reports the Trojans did their best, which was too much for Michigan

20 Unabashed and Undefeated
Cincy's carousing 'Cats ran their record to 9-0 by winning basketball's Sugar Bowl Classic
by Barry McDermott

22 The Great Super Bowl Debate
Robert F. Jones likes Oakland's flypaper, while Dan Jenkins is in favor of Minnesota's airport

26 The Mad Russian
Harry Kabakoff, the premier manager of Mexican fighters in the U.S., has two title hopes
by Pat Putnam

32 Gimlets are for Dreaming
In their green depths lurk visions of blue marlin boiling up to take the bait in one terrible turn
by Art Lee

98 After So Much Desiring
When the deer materialized on the last day of the season, a hunter's joy was tempered by shame
by Mason Smith

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9 Scorecard
83 College Basketball
86 Hockey
88 Baseball
92 Pro Basketball
96 Conservation
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.

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Next Week

Super Bowl XI is Super Bowl IV for the Minnesota Vikings and Super Bowl II for the Oakland Raiders, two teams that have never won pro football's big game. Dan Jenkins is perched in the press box in Pasadena.

Not just another pretty face, the Marlboro Man turns out to be no male model but a gen-u-wine cowboy. As Mason Smith discovers, Darrell Winfield didn't Come to Where the Flavor Is, he was there all along.