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14 Mac Adds a Few New Twists
The Sunkist Invitational featured Mac Wilkins putting the shot and talking chiropractic
by Kenny Moore

18 Start of Something Big
Olympic gold medalists Howard Davis and Leon Spinks are impressive winners in their pro debuts
by Pat Putnam

20 Wherever He Is, Orr Glitters
Coaching or seeing spot duty on ice, Bobby Orr has helped pull the Black Hawks out of a tailspin
by Peter Gammons

22 Back in Business in Boston
Dave Cowens shocked people by walking out on the Celtics. Last week he changed his mind again
by John Papanek

Lowdown on Alohaland

30 On his first visit to Hawaii, Frank Deford finds that McDonald's have more validity than luaus

36 This year's swimsuits are all of a piece, Jule Campbell reveals—and we add, tank Heaven!

44 With nifty new resorts, Maui is in the chips—both dollar-and potatowise. Dick Johnston reports

60 On the Other Hand...
...we have the poor southpaw, who must make it through life against all that seems right
by Jerry Kirshenbaum

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9 Scorecard
48 College Basketball
55 Golf
73 For the Record
74 19th Hole

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