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An uncharacteristically grim and taciturn Muhammad Ali was far less than the greatest while rallying to win a controversial decision over Ken Norton in Yankee stadium


Except for a bout during which an out-of-shape Ali looked pathetic against a cutie named Jimmy Young, most of the champ's year was a lucrative laugher. He made millions knocking off a pussycat called the Lion of Flanders, getting a few kicks from a Japanese wrassler and doing in someone named Dunn. Then came the rematch with Norton, who built a big lead in the early rounds. But the champ came back to tie the fight after 14. In the opinion of the judges, Ali won the 15th. The crowd booed.

Norton was pained by the decision, not by Ali's punches.

Ex-champ Joe Frazier got up after being dropped by George Foreman, but he sat down for good, retiring after losing by a TKO.

Carlos Monzon gained sole possession of the middleweight title and ran his unbeaten streak to 81 by defeating Rodrigo Valdes.