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Canadien Defenseman Larry Robinson stuck it to Mel Bridgman and the rest of the Philadelphia Flyers as Montreal won the Stanley Cup with unexpected ease.


Even a rare in-person rendition of "God Bless America" by Kate Smith before the fourth game of the Stanley Cup series between Philadelphia and Montreal could not prevent the defending champion Flyers from being swept. The Canadiens won by using the intimidating tactics that had put Philly on top. When Montreal defenders were not slamming Flyers to the ice, they were shadowing Philly star Bobby Clarke so closely that he did not score a goal. Clearly, it was the Canadiens who were blessed.

Bobby Hull led Winnipeg to a sweep of the WHA playoffs.

Phil Esposito and his Team Canada mates checked the Czechs to win the Canada Cup series in which six national teams played.

Just about the only skating sore-kneed Bobby Orr did was from Boston to Chicago, where he iced a cool $3 million contract.

Roughness was so rampant that even some of Philly's Broad Street Bullies were bloodied and penalties had to be stiffened.