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Nothin' Could Be Finah 16
...for Cale Yarborough, the man from Carolina, than to have his motor hummin'as the checkered flag waved for him at Daytona
by Sam Moses

Bit on a Trip to the Pit 20
Oregon's Ducks proved their hex was all it was quacked up to be as they flew past UCLA on their home court
by Larry Keith

Lettuce for Another Rabbit 22
Golfers you may never have heard of are nibbling money away from the big names, which is what Tom Purtzer did in L.A.
by Sarah Pileggi

Their Minds Were on One Track 24
Five premier milers plotted winning strategies for the San Diego race, but Wilson Waigwa was fastest on his feet
by Kenny Moore

Spirit of Joy, Joy of Spirit 32
On the sports-award banquet circuit you can get Tony Dorsett's autograph and drink beer with Billy Carter
by Ron Reid

Putting the Move on Herman 38
Suspended from a line, he was finning peacefully beneath the ice when suddenly there was the flash of teeth
by Ron Rau

They Hunger for Success 64
Athletes increasingly look for an elixir when they eat; for some it's raw eggs, while others reach for the Wild Turkey
by J.D. Reed

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Scorecard 11
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Swimming 59
Pro Basketball 62
For the Record 77
19th Hole 78

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Cover photograph by Eric Schweikardt

Next Week

The rites of spring for baseball players begin with conditioning. Artist James McMullan depicts the moods of the camps—both laborious and relaxed—while Larry Keith reveals whether ballplayers really get in shape.

The righties of bowling are having to settle for southpaw Earl Anthony's leftovers. The quiet man from Tacoma is the only one ever to win $100,000 on the PBA tour, and he's done it two straight years. Roy Bongartz reports.