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This Could Be the Start 16
But what will be the finish for superstar apprentice Steve Cauthen, who has ridden into the limelight at 16?
by William Leggett

No Sables or Paris Labels 22
A photographic sampling of American skiers shows that the dictates of cold chic get a cold shoulder on many a mountainside

Dodging a Silver Bullet 24
Charged with the possession of cocaine, Pittsburgh Defensive Tackle Ernie (Fats) Holmes won an acquittal in Amarillo
by Ray Kennedy

The Rigors of Spring 32
The opening phase of baseball training is time for conditioning—and in a break from tradition, today's players get in shape

Guided by a Northern Star 38
Sweden's entry in this summer's America's Cup is untested, but her skipper has a world of experience
by Coles Phinizy

The $100,000 Bowling Machine 66
Bowler Earl Anthony has won a record 27 tournaments on the pro tour since he quit his job in a grocery warehouse
by Roy Bongartz

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

Next Week

Strutting their stuffs after a nine-year prohibition are college basketball players. Be it Funk Dunk, Punk Dunk, Rock the Baby, Yo Yo or Double Dunk, the shot is turning on the crowds. Barry McDermott reports.

The gospel according to Manager Tom Lasorda is what the Dodgers will hear this season. Larry Keith profiles Walter Alston's evangelistic successor, who has sworn loyalty to the Dodgers—now and in the hereafter.